Downdraft Benches

The AER Control Systems downdraft benches include a variety of styles from portable to large industrial tabletop sizes, and airflows ranging from 1000 to just under 6000 CFM for the self-contained benches, and 1500 to 6400 CFM for the Remote Downdraft Benches.  AER Control Systems powered downdraft benches have several options including casters, metal mesh spark filters, tabletop booths with backdraft, and tabletop protective mats used to protect parts.  All of these benches can be used for grinding, deburring and welding.

Powered Downdraft Bench

Powered Downdraft Bench - APB Series The AER Control Systems AER Powered Bench Downdraft Tables are designed to provide efficient...
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SPC Downdraft Bench

Small Portable Cartridge (SPC) Downdraft Bench AER Control Systems' Small Portable Cartridge Collector (SPC Series) is designed to be a...
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Remote Downdraft Bench

Remote Downdraft Bench AER Control Systems' Remote Benches are designed to provide efficient capture of dusts, fumes, and gas/vapors generated...
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