Portable Fume Booth

AER Control Systems AER Portable Fume Booth is designed to provide efficient and cost effective control of dust, fume, smoke, and odor contaminants generated from a variety of different manufacturing and process applications including; paint fumes, solvents, and flammable fumes with odor. The Fume Booth is typically used for control of moderate concentrations of contaminants from processes that generate dust, fume, smoke, or odor. The Fume Booth is designed as a low cost alternative by using filters that are designed to be thrown away rather than cleaned with a built in cleaning system. The Portable Fume Booth will help with compliance to local OSHA regulations by drawing contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone and reducing emissions to a safe and acceptable level.

The Portable Fume Booth comes standard with: a first stage throw-away ring polyester filter, a second stage 95% efficient ASHRAE Fiberglass Box filter, a third stage re-fillable double 27lb carbon panel for a total of 54lbs of activated carbon, and lastly a 4th stage after filter. Also standard is a single phase 1 HP TEFC motor with a non-overloading direct drive blower, and a tool-less filter access door. Other filters can be used, such as a HEPA filter, depending on the type of contaminant present. The downdraft table top size is 24’’ deep by 30’’ wide and can hold parts up to 150lbs per square foot. Fumes are pulled down through the table with an average velocity of 200 ft/min of table top suction strength. The Fume Booth comes standard with a light fixture. Another standard feature is hinged side panels on the sides of the table to help contain the particulate.

AER Portable Fume Booth


  • Standard Airflow of 1000 CFM when using a 1.0 HP single phase TEFC motor.
  • Motor located out of the exhaust air stream.
  • Light fixture with power cord and switch.
  • Industrial textured powder coat finish.
  • Direct drive non-sparking backward inclined airfoil non-overloading fan.
  • Magnahelic filter change-out gauge.


  • 1 HP aluminum blower.
  • 1.5 HP standard blower.
  • 12’ Extension Shelves.
  • Non-marking table top mat.
  • Filter configuration based on application.
Portable Fume Booth
Nominal CFM75010001200
Motor HP1.01.51.5
Table Size30" x 24"6' x 10' arm48" x 24"

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