Downdraft Booths

AER Control Systems manufactures a couple of types of Downdraft Booths, our most popular is our Portable Fume Booth which is a downdraft table used for any type of Volatile Organic Compounds or commonly known in the industry as VOCs which are fumes commonly generated from paint cans.  The fume booth however is designed to be used to filter any type of VOCs provided the correct type of activated carbon is used. The Portable Fume booth can be manufactured as a compressed air blow down on coolant soaked parts.

The AER Control Systems Twin Draft is a downdraft table with a booth that draws air both down and to the rear.  The filters on this product are designed to be thrown away as opposed to filters that are cleanable.

Portable Fume Booth

Portable Fume Booth AER Control Systems AER Portable Fume Booth is designed to provide efficient and cost effective control of...
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Twin Draft Booths

Twin Draft Booths AER Control Systems AER Twin Draft Booths with Media Filter Units are designed to provide efficient, cost...
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